Medical Weight Loss Treatment for Men in Scottsdale, AZ

Get back to the healthiest version of yourself with your individualized medical weight loss plans. We strive to help our patients feel better, look better, and maintain that mindset for life. Why wait? Reactivate your life today.


What is Medical Weight Loss

Whether your body has hit a plateau, or you feel like you need the extra bit of help to lose the weight, our customized medical weight loss plans can help you achieve your goals and get back your health.

ReacTvate has allowed many men to get back their lives by going through one of our individualized medical weight loss plans.

Not only is this treatment proven, but it is also specifically created for you and the needs of your body. With full and comprehensive medical exams, medical history, exercise routine, nutrition help, as well as resources to continue after the initial plans are complete, you will be fully prepared to be successful in your weight loss journey. These tools will allow you to lose the weight, and then give you the ability to control your habits to maintain that healthier you that we want to rediscover. Our team will be there for you every step of the way, to give you all of the support you need and to help achieve your ideal weight loss goals.  Schedule your assessment with ReacTvate today and take the next step towards getting back control of your life and rediscover the best version of yourself.


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Why Medical Weight Loss

There are a lot of negative factors that obesity and being overweight can create in your body. Sometimes it is not as easy as just losing the weight. There are other health factors that can be holding you back, including anxiety, depression, diabetes, or other medical conditions. Medical weight loss is not something that is a “one size fits all”. You need a customized approach that will allow you not only see results but create a new lifestyle approach to your health. The team at ReacTvate is here to help you do just that!

Importance of Weight Loss for Men

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms due to being overweight, give us a call. Not only is it important to manage your weight for yourself, but also for all of those people in your life who depend on you, whether it be your family, friends, children, or any loved ones. For men, weight issues can cause other underlying problems as well, even if it is just a few extra pounds here and there. If any of these symptoms look familiar contact our office to get scheduled with your health assessment as you may be a good candidate for our medical weight loss options in Scottsdale.

  • Weight Gain that steadily increases over the years, whether you realize it or not
  • Coming up with reasons/excuses why you’re overweight
  • High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Body Mass Index numbers are not what they should be
  • Increase in snoring and/or experiencing insomnia
  • Joint Pain
  • Winded easily, like walking up the stairs or up small hills
  • Lower Energy


ReacTvate has been a life changer! Literally, a life changer. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve felt so great. I feel younger, less irritable, and more productive at work and in the gym and also the bedroom. Thank you all, seriously you’ve changed my life.


It’s been years since I have felt so young and full of energy. At first, my wife and I decided to schedule an appointment for help in our private life at home and soon after visiting we noticed a big difference. Since continuing my treatment plan I’ve noticed drastic changes in many other areas of my day to day life. Thank you all your help.


How Does Treatment Work for Medical Weight Loss?

At ReacTvate we take a personalized approach to each one of our treatment plans. We want to understand your history and background so that we can help you achieve your future goals. All of these are part of what we use to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Management of obesity and screenings for metabolic syndrome
  2. Medical nutrition therapy/counseling for a healthy diet
  3. Mental Health Therapy to get yourself in the right mindset for weight maintenance 
  4. Recommendations for fitness regimens 
  5. Screenings for things like diabetes, cholesterol, etc…